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dramedy feature film


Peter is a gay man, sexy but lonely, proud father of James, brilliant straight young man. who just turned 18.

Both share a spiritual and unique bond which they think is indestructible.
Father and son spend holidays together in a country house beside a lake. 
They fall in love at the same time… but James’s love story will suffer from a World which does not accept his father’s sexual orientation. 

For the very first time, they will accidentally hurt each other.

Feature Film

Writer & Director: Stephane Giusti

Genre: Drama

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"Back to the future" meets "Scarface"


Three members of a Miami crime syndicate discover a working time machine. They debate over using it for their own gain, only to discover that their actions have already been taken, or have they? 

Feature Film

Writer: Shaun Gold

Genre : Action



Born in 1916, Fredy Hirsch, a German Jewish sports teacher, and Zionist youth leader stands up to Nazis. Charismatic and fearless, Fredy creates an alternate reality of sport, game, music, art, poetry, and dance for the children, trying to save them from deportation, hunger, abuse, or death in Terezin and Auschwitz.

If Fredy was straight, the world would already know about his story. But he was gay. Now it’s time for his story to be out. 

Feature Film

Writer & Director: Stephane Giusti

Genre: Drama

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After a wildfire devastates a Cumbrian family’s farm and livelihood, an insurance appraiser is called in to assess what seems to be a simple claim. However, as she investigates the fire, she discovers that things are not what they seem.

Feature Film

Writer & Director: Hector Coles

Genre: Drama

writer feature film
thriller film production


LONDON 1990, 

David Burgess, 15 yo, is an exceptionally gifted student. But the shy and brilliant David hides the dark sides of his life. First, he lives with a drug addict single mother and keeping a high profile is an everyday job. Second, when his mother is sent to the hospital after a drug overdose, he has no other option but to live with his uncle, Mick Burgess, a notorious and magnetic crime boss. The police want him to be a mole in the family and help to put Mick behind bars, definitely. David is far more clever than that…

Feature Film

Writer: Stephane Giusti

Genre: Drama

stephane giusti
nicolas boualami project


French Jeanne finds herself thrown from one day to the next, into the raw and unvarnished light of a world she thought she knew well, that of her son, Etienne, who just passed away.
By looking at the life of this "intimate stranger" from a new angle, she will in a way put her life into his - Etienne was a LGBTQ+ film producer - following the same emotional labyrinths as he did, losing herself in the same maze of feelings, until she almost becomes him.

Feature Film

Writters: Nicolas Boualami & Mehdi Ben Attia

Director: Nicolas Boualami

Genre: Drama

murali nair film


From the slums of Mumbai to the streets of London, BABA GANESH explores the meaningful journey of a young man, coming from an exploited little boy with a deformed nose to a powerful Godman, who finally takes control of his life, against all odds.

Feature Film

Writer & Director: Murali Nair

Genre: Drama

the big ride film


Two Brits, One French.
Three spoiled middle aged Londoners who will try to overcome their midlife crisis through a bicycle ride across Great Britain, from London to Scotland. 

Feature Film 
Writer & Director: Stephane Giusti
Genre: Comedy

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